Text-Based Multiplayer Shooter Offers A Deathmatch Of Words

Developer Eigen Lenk has created a browser-based game titled Text-based Multiplayer Shooter, a retro demake of the standard online deathmatch.

Merging modern online capabilities with the slower paced technologies of old, this creates an oddly blended text-based game involving real-time combat.  Login to the system and you'll inevitably die after a few seconds, rapidly realising that everything is happening on the fly.  Quickly type commands like "go east," "look," "fire," and "reload," going on a killing spree equivalent to 'touch-typing' practice.  

Essentially, this is a game of battleship playing out in real-time, and we're quite enjoying it.  It's a nice little novelty, well worth a bit of playtime.

Check it out for free here.