Four Teenagers Create Urine-Powered Generator

Four Teenagers have built a urine-powered generator at the fourth annual Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.  This is one of the more unexpected products to see at the Faire, and holds the potential to provide otherwise unattainable energy to The Third World.

For every litre of human bodily fluid, six hours of electricity is created by this eco-friendly energy source.  The process of creating energy is done through putting the urine in an electrolytic cell to separate the hydrogen, purifying it via a water filter & a cylinder of liquid borax, and pushing the resulting gas through the generator.

While this does introduce an innovative concept of energy generation, we do have a potential urine-powered hydrogen bomb on our hands.  So don't expect these to be mass-produced anytime soon, until proper safety measures are implemented.  But we look forward to seeing the progression of this prototype in the future.

Source: Maker Faire Africa