“This Is Why You Don't Buy An iPad From Walmart”


We've all come across our fair share of broken or malfunctioning electronic products, no doubt, but never has it crossed my mind at least exactly how such consumables come to be in that state. If you've ever bought an iPad from a Walmart store in Pikeville, KY however, then you likely now have ammunition to form an educated guess...

Cropping up on Reddit after being posted to YouTube, the above video purports to show three (presumably now ex) employees of the US retailer sifting through a stock of electronic goods in the warehouse of a store in Pikeville. Pre-empting the consumable carnage about to take place, the video begins with the eloquently-spoken disclaimer by its cameraman; “this is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart.” What follows will leave Apple fanatics and technology-lovers everywhere seething with rage, as the three employees proceed to throw what we're told are iPad's in boxes to each other, at times slamming them to the floor both purposely and purposefully, seemingly for nothing but the lulz.

Of course, one can easily question the authenticity of the video itself; no iPad is ever shown to the camera, and a few of the practices have been called into question by the ever-sharp-eyed Reddit forumites. If it really is real however, it's a damning piece of evidence for the employees both behind and in front of camera. Sadly, we can not promise no iPad's were harmed in the filming of this video.

Richard Birkett