'ZTV - The Zombie Network.' Creator Of 'Power Rangers' Kickstarts new TV Show

ZTV The zombie network.jpg

The Zombie Apocalypse is all but played out in modern media; but even we were curious to find out about an undead blend of 'The Walking Dead' and '30 Rock,' created by the mind behind popular 90s children's show 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.'  TV Sitcom 'ZTV - The Zombie Network' looks to fill this void, pledging to Kickstarter for funding.

Jack Olesker, writer of 'Power Rangers,' 'He-Man' and 'Aladdin' fame, introduces this project as "a TV drama series with occasional dark humor, about a zombie-owned TV station in a world where zombies are the top of the food chain!"  'ZTV' asks the peculiar question that is never addressed: what happens after the Zombie apocalypse is over, and all of the living are no more?  Does society rebuild around our new 'lease on undead life?'  How will our world look in this landscape?  ...Granted this doesn't entirely answer those questions, as much as it builds a sitcom around them; but it's an interesting premise.

Ignoring the possible commentary on the human's 'zombie-like' state of mass TV consumption (see 'Dead Set' for more on that), this is more 'B-Movie' camp humour than it is a serious drama, and it's good to see some comedy being applied to proceedings.

Jack is asking for $192,550 (£119,507) to fund a pilot episode, which will be presented to broadcast executives.  While the response of the networks can never be predicted at such an early stage, making this a somewhat challenging proposition for the team behind 'ZTV,' the use of community tools to build a fanbase will generate the demand.  We look forward to seeing how it goes.

Source: Kickstarter