'Good Old Games' Gets Generous: Duke Nukem Free-D

‘Tis the season of giving over at gog.com, beloved digital distributer of gaming gems from a bygone age; but one of their greatest gifts is tucked neatly under the darkest corners of the tree.  For the next few hours, Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition is absolutely free.

Those who know the Duke only from his latest outing in Gearbox’s atrocious Duke Nukem Forever might be under the impression that this is more a lump of coal than a real gift.  But rest assured, this is Duke at the apex of his glory days, the cheesiest and best of times.

This offer lasts only until Friday, December 14, 14:59 GMT. So if you want to fill your living room with one-liners this Christmas, head on down to Good Old Games right now.

And if you’re not tempted, well, as the Duke would say: "what are ya, chicken?"

Jamie O'Flinn