Filmography 2012: Every Movie Of The Year Cut Into One Trailer


Vampire-hunting presidents, foul-mouthed teddy bears, twisted slave drivers, a caped crusader, 007, unexpected journeys, a romantic take on the end of the world and...The Avengers. Still believe 2012 was a dud year for film?

Then take time, dear readers, to admire the video below. Entitled 'Filmography 2012' and brought to us by YouTube's 'GenRocks', it's a dissection of the year in film, cutting together over 300 movies “to explore and celebrate the work of this year's cinematic storytellers.”

Simply put, it's an incredible piece of editing; an affecting, inspiring and engrossing reflection of everything 2012 had to offer us movie fans. If the world really does end on December 21, consider this your visual guide to the best cinematic treats from the past 365 days. Popcorn at the ready...

Richard Birkett

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