Brave Robotics Create Real-Life Transformer

1/12th the size of your average Transformer of the Autobot variety, Japanese developer Brave Robotics' 3D-printed car-to-bipedal transformer robot is no less impressive. Replete with a Wi-Fi-enabled camera that appears to wirelessly feed footage in real-time over the cloud and working headlights (it's the small touches that count), the walking robot can even fire tiny darts from its arms. (A rocket launcher attachment is presumably pending approval.)

Ten years in the making and with the group having created its very own 3D printer no less to make reality, the company's latest iteration (version 7.2) means the robot is ready to go on sale to the public for the first time, though it's not likely to be cheap – the 3D printing process alone will bump up the cost - with delivery estimates now listed as a month and prices only available on request from Brave Robotics' own online store. Controllable both in its black-and-yellow remote-controlled car (Bumblebee, anyone?) and walking robot state, a fast if not entirely fluid transformation ensures this is one robot not be messed with. 

Watch the robot do its thing in the video below.

Richard Birkett