Happy New Year

While many news organisations/blogs in our space will use this as an opportunity to heavily promote their activities for 2013; but we come with a far simpler message.  Happy New Year to all 400,000 people who read what we write, and watch what we film.  

Words cannot describe how amazing it feels to type such a gargantuan number, and to realise that such an audience has been built around us doing what we love to do, in a rather short space of time.  I cannot thank you intelligent and, frankly, really quite handsome people enough for the privelege of spending what time you have on this planet to gain knowledge from us.

For both newcomers and veterans to the website, you have discovered us in what can only be called a "double-life" of a year for NRM.  2012 has been a huge success; but it is also the calm before the storm.  Learning from some of our biggest stories, such as The Rapper Headphone Conspiracy or our interview with the writer of Half-Life, we now have a much clearer focus towards what you lovely bunch want to see.  More events, more features, more videos: essentially it's what we do now, only more of it. Simple.

New Rising Media has existed for 467 days. In other measurements that would be either 11,184 hours, 671,040 minutes, or 40,262,400 seconds. There are 627,000 hours in the average human lifespan.  You may have spent a mere minute reading a quick story, or a much longer proportion of your time on this Earth.  Whatever the amount, we appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.

Have a brilliant 2013.