'Mr.Ghost.' Become A Real-Life Ghostbuster Using iPhone Attachment

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Ghost, the electromagnetic field (EMF) detector for the iPhone, that turns any budding nerd into a Ghostbuster, allowing for exploration of the supernatural.

Looking more like an old mobile phone antenna than a PKE meter, this small device plugs into your iDevice's headphone jack and displays the level of electromagnetic radiation emitted by whatever you wave it over.  Simply put, this can track down ghosts...if you're a believer of course, prepare to disprove the non-believers.  

The other use is to detect appliances and technologies around the house that emit an unusually high amount of electromagnetic radiation, in order to protect your organs.  And it's already on the way, courtesy of a successful Kickstarter project.  While 100% funding has been achieved, an investment of $25 will guarantee your ownership of a Mr. Ghost.

Traditionally, ghosts emit high amounts of electromagnetic energy, as they haunt the houses and attics of people across the globe, including creator Aaron Rasmussen.  He demonstrates this by exploring his attic for spooky goings on; but with no Android version planned yet, the Google faithful may have to ask themselves one question.

"Who you gonna call?"

Now all we need is a Proton pack.

Jason England