Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S4 To Launch April 2013, To Feature ‘Unbreakable’ Screen?

Should we all survive the end of time as predicted by the Mayan calendar come 21st December, we could be seeing the next in the Galaxy S range, now onto the S4, as early as April 2013, with reports circulating that it may well feature an ‘unbreakable’ OLED screen.

If rumours are indeed true, the S4 flagship would be the very first of Samsung’s smartphones to feature the same flexible screen technology the company has heavily invested in during recent years. With April being far from set in stone however (we’ll await official confirmation from Samsung before truly anticipating the successor to the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S3), similarly the specifics of the phone are still largely up in the air. According to Reuters, the phone is codenamed ‘Project J’ and is heavily expected to have a quad-core processor behind it, a 13-Megapixel camera, and even an ever larger, higher resolution display (of around 441dpi) than the S3’s already sizeable, high-def screen.

As far as specs go, Samsung is dead-set once again to push performance boundaries. But it’s the alleged introduction of a flexible screen that could be all that’s needed to set the company apart as we move into 2013.

Harvey McDaniel

Source: Reuters