Microsoft Slams Google Privacy Policy In Newspaper Ad

Microsoft is scheduled to run a series of newspaper adverts throughout this week, which exploit Google's recent privacy concerns surrounding it's universal policy update.  It's set to run in papers such as Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and criticises the business for their purposes of using your data for advertisers' target market data, while promoting Microsoft's alternatives to the affected products.

Titled 'Putting People First,' Microsoft is rather relentless in their figurative 'pulling apart' of Google's privacy policy, leaving nothing to rest in their slamming of the search giant:

"Those changes, cloaked in language like "transparency," "simplicity" and "consistency," are really about one thing: making it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or stream while using one of their services.

Why are they so interested in doing this that they would risk this kind of backlash? One logical reason: Every data point they collect and connect to you increases how valuable you are to an advertiser."

Microsoft is playing the same promotional game that have gained Apple the dislike of few people for doing.  But in this situation, it's a tactic that just might work.  With Google scrambling over itself to clarify issues raised with their privacy policy, the Redmond-based computer company are resonating the same message as the citizen opinion, saying the changes make it harder for "people to stay in control of their own information," via full page newspaper advertorials such as the one below.

Google, we await your retort.

Source: The Official Microsoft Blog