What Happens To Your Digital Life When You Die?

The after-thought of your mortality: all of your social profiles and cloud stored items create the sum of one digital personification of the self.  What happens to this when you die?

This has been something that Life Insurance Finder have been exploring rather thoroughly recently, and after releasing their blogazine on the matter not too long ago, they've delved further into the matter with a video infographic.  

Driving further into the statistics, that either sound troubling or are fascinating to those with a death wish out there, the video takes a look into just how much content the average person shares online, and the death rate of the evergrowing population of social network users.

Three FB users die every minute, at that rate... A total of 1.78 million FB users died in 2011.

It's seemed to have generated rather polarizing opinions in the community, spanning from those who see the concept of a digital projection of yourself as a fascinating concept, and those who pose criticisms along the lines of your online data just not being that important in the face of death, with this analysis looking too far into it.

Which side do you take on this?

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