Record-Breaking Freefall Pioneers Spacesuit Technology

While Red Bull are looking to break the record for the highest freefall time and distance, via jumping from the edge of space, the dedicated Stratos team have also made a huge scientific contribution to the creation of spacesuits by making their own custom version, with some innovative technology.

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner will be making the jump, aiming to outshine his idols with his record breaking 36,576 metre (120,000 foot) "spacedive."  To make sure he makes it to the ground alive, the Red Bull Stratos Team have created a custom suit which includes an integrated valve to maintain equal pressure at various altitudes, amongst various other nifty implementations.

Dr. Jonathon Clark, team medical director, hopes that these developments can lead to advances in space travel and tourism, bringing the average citizen one-step closer to the one giant leap for mankind.

Source: Red Bull