Star Wars Fan Builds Beautiful Model Lightsaber, Gets It Autographed By Luke Himself

Bradley Lewis, a video game developer and industrious fan of classic science fiction, has put together a brilliant recreation of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from A New Hope. The lightsaber was built for Celebration V: a massive Star Wars convention in Orlando. Mr. Lewis managed to get the lightsaber done in time for the show, where he was lucky enough to get Mark Hamill to autograph it. 

The best part about this model is the pictures Bradley put up on his website. He details every minute piece of work he had to do, and almost manages to convince the reader this is something they could build in their tool shed. The recreation is filled with hand-me-down parts from ordinary objects, ingeniously repurposed.

The light source for the sword is a two-cell Graflex flash gun picked up on eBay and modified to match the structure of the three cell flah gun used for the lightsaber in the movie. The core if the crystal chamber is a beautiful hodge-podge of thrown together clock parts and hard drive platters. Lewis has other models, including other light sabers, at his website. If this sort of thing interests as much as it should