UK Market To Welcome Android-Equipped Bamboo Smartphone


As far as modern smartphone design goes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a handset that bears not a single aesthetic resemblance to a rival competitors’ device. It’s hard to overstate just how massive Apple’s introduction to the smartphone arena proved to be – just look at the current crop of phones on the market with their ever larger, more defined, sleeker touch-screens. But that’s not to say we can’t admire an entirely unique and simply gorgeous take on smartphone design – one made largely from four-year old, organically-grown bamboo that is. 

Designed and produced by 23-year old Product Design student Mr Kieron-Scott from Middlesex University, the smartphone is now expected to launch in the UK following “rigorous testing” on an early ‘proof of concept’ prototype. Said to be weighing in at half the weight of the iPhone, the phone was initially intended to be made for the Chinese market but, following interest domestically, has been picked up for a run here and will be sold through design retailers.

The phone isn’t just a pretty face however; it packs under its organically-grown, bamboo-clad shell the earliest iteration of the AD Android OS User Interface and features an innovative ‘ring flash’ technology around the phone’s camera to spread light more evenly when snapping photos. Mr Kieron-Scott has also expressed how bamboo’s natural properties of durability and strength make it the perfect material as a smartphone casing. Did we mention it looks stunning?