Microsoft Burns Google With 'Googlighting' Video


They issued a press-beatdown around Google's change in privacy policy, and now they're back for round two, taking a swing at Google Apps: described as "what happens when the world's largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side."

The video, titled 'Googlighting' stars the rather clumsily named "Googen Apperson," who is applying for a job at what seems to be a large business.  However, throughout the interview, he fails to answer key questions about functionality in Google Apps that feature in Microsoft's counterparts, meaning he fails in his escapades.

Microsoft can really envision a prime opportunity for marketing in this time of various revelations around privacy and shortcomings of Google's services, capitalising upon the opportunity to provide a marketing message for their 'Office 365' product.  But we wander if making various attacks like this will actually work?

Source: Why Microsoft Productivity