Chaotic Moon's Mind-Controlled Skateboard

Just over a month on from their modestly titled 'Board of Awesomeness,' Chaotic Moon have emerged from the workshop with an improved model, swapping out the Kinect sensor bar in favour for an Emotive EPOC headset, and renaming it to the also modest 'Board of Imagination.'

Simply put, it's an electronic skateboard you control with your mind.

Instead of performing gestures towards the sensor bar, your only task is to visualise what controls you want to make, where you want to go and how fast, and the headset translates these actions into the board.  All running on the same 32mph board with the same Samsung Windows 8 tablet doing all the data processing.

Sweet telekinesis powers, all from a company with the tagline 'we're smarter than you.'

Source: Chaotic Moon