Merchants Selling ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Signatures To Online Chat Users

Can’t afford an iPhone and stuck with your long-defunct mobile, but still want others to believe that you are in fact amongst the ‘elite’ of mobile owners prestigious enough to own Apple’s £500 smartphone? Simple, fake it. That’s what merchants on China’s largest consumer-to-consumer online marketplace, Taobao, are offering prospective buyers, a service that grants the seller the rights to hack into the buyer’s QQ account –- an instant messaging service -– in order to attach a ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature to every message sent thereafter, reports The Financial Times' Kathrin Hille.

As far as impersonating Apple and its products go, this takes the biscuit. We’ve previously witnessed whole stores in China re-branded to look like real Apple stores (as reported by the BBC), while it is common knowledge that the Chinese marketplace in particular is flooded with cheap knock-off iPhone’s and iPad’s. In that sense, the merchants that are looking to make a quick buck from the country’s infatuation with all things Apple-related is no real surprise.

And yet still, it beggars belief that there are a sub-section of people out there so in love with the idea of owning an iPhone that they’ll pay for such a service (purportedly at around $1 a month) in the vain attempt to masquerade as an owner. We feel such an audience has a few steps to learn about owning an iPhone, allow us to point them in the right direction: ‘How To Own An iPhone Minus The Obnoxious Swagger’.

Sent from my iPhone

Source: BeyondBrics