A 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard That Actually Hovers

So not too long ago, Mattel officially announced the release of their hoverboard which featured in Back to the Future II, giving many-a-nerd such as myself a profound sense of pride.  Not so impressed that it doesn't actually hover though; but that's where one genius has brought us closer to the realisation of our dream.

Youtube user dondula7 pulled off this feat of levitation through a combination of electromagnets and laser stabilisation to keep it hovering and maintain balance.  The DIY enthusiasts and inventors amongst you cannot help but feel the inspiration off the back of this replica...that actually does what it did in the movie.  Lets take a rolecall of Back to the Future merchandise: the Nike Air Mags don't tie themselves, and the Mattel hoverboard doesn't hover.

We have as much love for movie replicas as the next guy; but technological innovations like this are well within our grasp.  The film was set just three years ahead of where we are now...