Man Shoots Himself At Point-Blank Range To Test Bulletproof Vest


Balls. No, not the spherical kind, the figurative kind – common knowledge to mean possessing tremendous levels of courage, the mettle and the bravery to put yourself in danger's trajectory. It's also what this man holds in abundance, pointing a 10mm Glock at his midriff and firing it toward his stomach area in the name of 'testing' his bulletproof vest. Sheer foolishness or the purest form of product testing?

A little bit of both probably. It takes a gutsy man to put his life on the line to test the veracity of the bulletproof vests' advertised selling point, but we ask, if it failed, how would he get his money back anyway? The point is largely moot, the fact is that the son of a gun survived, and with significantly less profanities coming out of his mouth than we would have otherwise expected. Holding up the crumpled bullet to the camera, the ballsy foolish man boasts the panel of body armour in which he shot himself –- and which he can thank for his continued life -- is provided by Second Chance, a body armour manufacturer owned by the Florida-based Armor Holdings. Could this be the start of their greatest advertising campaign ever?