Street Fighter X Monopoly. Street Fighter Edition Of Monopoly Unveiled


Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Street Fighter X Tekken… We all enjoy a good license crossover from time to time, granting us the gift of experiencing the delights of two IP’s for the price of one. For publishers it makes perfect sense: facing off against a typically competing property allows both to enjoy the success that two fan bases will often bring, while also opening up the IP to an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have looked twice. What we didn’t see coming, like a swift Ryu hurricane kick to the jaw, is the most unlikely of partnerships between the typically fast and frenetic fighting franchise, Street Fighter, and the, well, not so frenetic classic property-trading board game, Monopoly.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s globally-recognised fighter, the latest Monopoly spin-off brought to us by board game publisher USAopoly – who has so far been behind such diverse spin-offs as Monopoly: Nintendo, Risk: Metal Gear Solid Edition and Monopoly: Star Trek Klingon LE - will play the same as the traditional Monopoly board game - with players buying, selling and trading property to become the one remaining property tycoon – but is said to feature instantly recognisable famous icons and references from the series. Some of the most notable locations and stages from the game, including Makoto’s Karate Dojo and Major Bison’s Shadoloo HQ, will be adorning the property spaces around the board.

Fans are currently voting on which famed Street Fighter characters will make it into the box, with Capcom’s poll at CapcomUnity asking fans of the series to whittle a character roster down from twelve to six for the final game. As of now, it’s Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Major Bison, Zangief and Vega leading the way. Head on over there now and pick your favourite – there are certainly no shoes, dogs or irons here. No release date has so far been confirmed.