US Navy Test Fires New Railgun

The Navy have been persistently active in their research into a ship-mounted railgun for their vessels, and have allowed a public insight into the progress of this project, releasing a test shot video from the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Virginia.

The test shot commences a full series of tests to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the technology, developed by BAE systems.  The prototype that you see in the video is only one of two currently built, with a size and weight that, at the moment, makes it impractical for use on surface ships; but it's closer than the concepts of before.  

1 million amps are propelled throughout the gun upon activation, firing out the large bullet at a hypersonic speed, which promptly burns off in this high-speed reaction with the air; but not until after completely decimating a wall in its path.  This marks another step in the continued process of putting a railgun on the deck of a battleship by the 2020s, enabling extremely long-range attacks like never before.