Design Project Visualises How Well You Know Your Facebook Friends

Out of all the Facebook friends you have, there probably is a good chance that you may not physically know a good percentage of them.  So the question would be just how many of them are what you'd call 'real' friends?  This is what designer Colin Pinegar answered in his project, simply titled 'Best Friends.'

He created a survey which with questions that spanned across the range of knowledge you accrue about a friend, from the personal to the generic: do you know their favourite colour?  Can you recognise this person based on their name alone?  The results of the survey gave each of his Facebook friends a score from 1 to 25, which then ranked them as to how much of a friend they really are.  He also deleted those who scored 0, which if you do have anybody of this calibre in your friends list...why?

After the data was collected, the numbers were placed on a colour spectrum (pink meaning little-to-no knowledge, purple meaning close friend), and then Pinegar set about creating a wax bust of his own head for each person, and formed them all into a bar graph, making a visual representation of his online relationships: a physical 'infographic' if you will.

He threw a party afterwards, inviting his Facebook friends to come collect their wax bust...which we can't help but envision some people seeing to be slightly creepy.  The project certainly highlights just how many of your online friendships could be considered as 'legitimate.'

Source: Colin Pinegar