BBC Tracks Down An Internet Troll

Trolling.  We're all victims (and some of us perpetrators) of such internet activity.  And while there is a wide variation of severity on the scale of what would be considered to be trolling, it became part of the discourse in yesterday's campaign against cyber-bullying, titled 'Safer Internet Day.'  This expanded to an episode of Panorama, which managed to trace the location of infamous troll Nimrod Severn, and track the real man down for an 'ambush' interview.

Meet Darren Burton, the individual who didn't embrace the all-important (plus rather simple to use) anonymity of the internet, made a name for himself via leaving insulting, and sometimes racist, comments and posts on RIP pages on Facebook.  He was interviewed by the Panorama team walking to catch the bus with his partner/wife and his child, starting as negligent to answer any questions; but continuing to remain as militant to his thoughts and opinions as his online alter-ego.

The full programme is available on BBC iPlayer, providing extra perspective on cyber-bullying in a way Panorama only can.

Source: Youtube, BBC