Family Guy Online Receives Its Debut Trailer


20th Century Fox and Roadhouse Interactive have finally unveiled the first debut trailer for Family Guy Online; the browser-based, free-to-play MMO based on the popular TV show. The trailer, introduced by an ever-nonchalant Peter Griffin, comes in at a brief 54 seconds and reveals some of what we have in store; right from its distinctive, cel-shaded art style, to the loveable characters we’ll come to meet along the way (as well as avoid – even if it does come with free popsicles and back rubs!), via some crude, ill-judged humour for which the show has come to be reknowned.

Though details are still vague at best as to what we can expect in terms of combat, quest structure, plot and skills, the trailer does reveal snippets of information. The gameplay looks to be a familiar blend of hot-key attack boosts and simple ‘click to attack’ routines, while the quest shown in the footage informs us, delightfully simply, to ‘Talk to Chris Griffin’. We’d hazard a guess that quest lines won’t see you having to make world-changing choices or alter the storyline in any meaningful away, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What we do know so far is that the game is set in a faithfully-recreated 3D Quahog (replete with familiar landmarks including The Drunken Clam, Lake Quahog and Spooner Street) and players will be able to explore the open-world in a single-player experience or with friends.

The development team has also been working closely with the show's writers, something that Gary Rosenfeld, senior vice president of New Media for Fox Consumer Products, said will “give Family Guy fans a new way to engage with the characteristic fun and humour of the Family Guy universe and connect with like-minded fans.” Hosted on the Unity platform, Family Guy Online's development team and writers have also promised fans will be rewarded with additional content added through and after launch.

Head on over to to create your Family Guy Online character ready for the launch (ours looks something like a cross between Chris and Quagmire, the most socially-awkward sex fiend in Quahog) and for information on how you can take part in the closed beta this weekend.