Skyrim Gets A Hint Of Portal With 'Fall of the Space Core' Mod

To celebrate the release of Bethesda's new Skyrim Creation Kit, Valve have created a small mod which drops the Space Core from Portal 2 into the fantasy world of Dragon slaying and the taking of arrows to one's knee.  It goes without saying, we love both Portal 2 and Skyrim; but at no point have we ever comprehended the Earth-shaking combination of the two.

It's both simple, and really rather pointless.  Once opened, the Space Core (voiced by Nolan North) lands in the world of Tamriel for you to pick up and carry around with you.  Purpose?  None whatsoever other than to speak at a rather rapid, uncontrolable pace.  But in it's pointlessness, comes a pretty amazing (and wholly unlikely) homage in one of our favourite games, to another of one of our favourite games.

It's clear to see that this was just a quick demo of  the Bethesda-made modding tools' capabilities, and we look forward to seeing just what else can be done.