Background Investigation On Steve Jobs Released By FBI

1991 was an odd time for exiled founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, as he was up for a position on the export council (a foreign trade committee) under US President George H. W. Bush.  Of course, any kind of job within Government means a required background check FBI, the findings of which have been made public today, 20 years later.

While it's mostly stuff that's common knowledge (especially from his biography by Walter Isaacson), it's an interesting alternative insight into the life of Jobs at the time, investigating everything from his use of LSD, the 1985 bomb threat against himself, and his traits of deception (what the public saw at Apple Keynotes, and light-heartedly titled the 'Reality Distortion Field').

Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs’s honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals. They also commented that, in the past, Mr. Jobs was not supportive of [redacted] (the mother of his child born out of wedlock) and their daughter; however, recently has become supportive.

More than 29 people surrounding hist local life (colleagues, family, friends) were interviewed about his personal and working life, the latter since “the Apple Computer Company has been less than cooperative, in terms of providing assistance as requested of the Legal Department,” the report says. 

Several instances throughout the report show how people thought Jobs had "good moral character" and "good character and integrity," with everyone recommending him for the government job in good faith.  A good news drugs story, stoners must be celebrating!  Check out more in the FBI report linked below.  You may know the majority of it already; but it's still a pretty cool read.

Source: FBI

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