Rdio Redesigned To Compete With Spotify

Rdio has took to the stage at South by Southwest to announce an update to their website and desktop apps. The new look features revamped sharing options to compete with Spotify's robust community features and a remade interface.

Songs and albums can now be shared by dragging the music to Facebook, Email, or Twitter links in the left hand bar. The right of the application is taken up by a network sidebar that showcases the music lovers you follow. You can see who is online, who is offline, and who Rdio thinks you should add to your network.

Rdio has also added the ability to place entire albums in an individual playlist. Before users either had to use a third party Chrome extension or add each song individually. The design of the website now matches the design of the desktop application -- the old online layout made it unnecessarily difficult to find and play music in your collection. Subscribers to Rdio's paid service can try out the improvements now -- all you need to do is log in to the Rdio website and click "Try it now" on the bar that will appear on the top.