Russell Brand Arrested For Paying “Tribute” To The Late Steve Jobs

Comedian, actor and self-confessed playboy Russell Brand was arrested yesterday by police in New Orleans on a charge of criminal damage to property valued at $700 (£450). The property in question? A paparazzi photographer’s iPhone, which bore the brunt of Brand’s apparently unprovoked attack after the actor took it upon himself to ‘grab’ the phone from the man and proceeded to throw it through the nearby window of a law firm as “a tribute” to the late Steve Jobs, ex Apple boss.

Brand, who was detained outside of Harrah’s casino in New Orleans and later released after posting bail of $5,000, later explained his actions with a tongue-in-cheek tweet which read; “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.” Quite what using an iPhone “irreverently” means is anyone’s guess; was he shopping for Android phones through Safari, taking pictures of his genitalia? There are better ways to pay respect to the legacy left by Mr Jobs, perhaps, but for sheer Apple fanboy tenacity to uphold the brand you can’t beat it. Brilliant, and yet another reason we love Mr Brand.