Sky's 'F1 Race Control' For iPad Puts You In Control Of How You Watch The Race Unfold


F1 fans listen up! If you weren’t already beside yourself with excitement awaiting the first grand prix of the season at Melbourne this weekend, the lovely people at Sky (who hold the rights to every F1 race of the season, lest we forget) have unveiled a superb revamped Sky Sports for iPad app that comes packed to the rafters with a range of features for race day.

Referred to by Sky as a “brand new F1 companion experience”, the app which was previously launched as the Sky Sports News for iPad app has been updated with ‘F1 Race Control’ functionality that allows users to choose from eight different video feeds of the track come race day, including live footage from in-car cameras (amazing) and views of the mechanics going about their business from the pit lane (look busy). The app is also said to feature a real-time highlights package of the best moments from the race so far and ‘social media functionality’, which basically constitutes a live Twitter feed tuned to talk of Formula One.

What’s even more enticing is the news that came alongside the announcement that the team behind the app is “in the process of developing a split-screen service within the F1 experience”. Player Cam for F1 drivers? It’s the perfect match-up. Now we know why Sky canned the aforementioned - how could we ever have gone back to watching a sluggish Peter Crouch wander his way around the pitch at a miserable Britannia Stadium when we can drive in-cockpit with Sebastian Vettel, bombing down the back straight of Melbourne at a cool 180mph? This Sunday morning, 6am can’t come soon enough.