Canon 5D Mark II Used With 93-Year-Old Lens

For anybody who believes that instagram is an adequate photographical meeting point between modern technology and vintage style, this Canon 5D Mark II with a lens from 1919 attached would beg to differ.

Director Jason Bognacki has essentially hacked this 1919 Contessa-Nettell Piccolette folding camera onto his high-end DSLR, to bypass the reliance on the mechanical parts, which probably don't work after nearly a century, and the purchase of the required 127 film.  The Piccolette lens is fixed at 7.5cm, with an aperture of up to f6.3, and the results, as are quite apparent, are simply mindblowing.  The optical quality is staggering, with crisp clarity throughout each shot, even in post editing as the picture of the dog is cropped to just a small section.

And regardless of the fact that the 5D does look rather fugly with its new lens attachment, one thing is sure: it fully defines our love for vintage technology, awesome photography, and a unique sense of DIY that you rarely see in the world of tech.  We say Kudos.