Apple Announcing Plans For $100b Cash Balance Tomorrow

Apple will be holding a press conference to announce its plans for the $100 billion of cash balance they've been sitting on for a while.

Back in January, the Cupertino based company released their earnings reports, disclosing its cash balance (which had everyone from industry analysts to tech blogs shocked) of $100,000,000,000.  Since then a rather large question has surrounded this, just what are they going to do with it?  A big dividend payout for investors?  A whole load of new acquisitions?  A huge bonus package for employees?  Whatever's happening, we'll be finding out tomorrow at 2pm GMT (9am Eastern) as they "announce the outcome of [...] discussions concerning its cash balance."

Will stockholders in Apple be getting a friendly pat-on-the-back with a massive dividend payout?  Or is there to be a monumental company acquisition?  Watch this space (and the Apple site), as the conference call will be uploaded soon after its finished.

Source: Apple