A Snowboard That Transforms Into Skis, A Shovel, And A Saw

They made a fitting boarding tribute to Steve Jobs, and now Signal Snowboards have taken on the survivalist terrain of the backbountry with what they've named 'The Survivor Split.'

As part of their 'Every Third Thursday' series, where the guys at Signal create some rather crazy contraptions, they've applied their logic to building the snowboarding equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.  This multi-tool of a board does not only separate into two individual skis for covering flat surfaces; but it also has a third compartment to store a long-handed shovel, a fold-out saw blade for wood cutting and a strip of flint along one of the sides for firelighting.

It might not be the safest contraption, and we'll never see it beyond its igloo building exploits in the video; but it's pretty awesome to see a jack-of-all-trades snowboard appliance.

Source: Signal Snowboards