Panasonic's Jaw-Dropping 152” Full HD 3D TV Will Set You Back £600,000


Weighing in at a whopping 600kg and with a screen the same size as nine 50” screens stacked in three rows, Panasonic's 152” full HD, 3D plasma display is a TV of magnificent proportions. On sale within Harrods' new technology department, which launched March 16 to coincide with the new iPad launch, the monster plasma will set you back a cool £600,000.

Shown off as a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas, the ‘TH-152UX1W’ uses four times as many pixels as conventional high definition screens (making up a jaw-dropping resolution of 4096 x 2160) and is said to create a separate 3D image in HD for each eye. Though with a price that equates to one gram per pound spent, it makes us question, however glamorous the TV is, why anyone in their right mind would spend such a stupid amount of dough on a screen size that a projector can cough up in its sleep. Of course, that's largely defeating the point; Harrods is known for its extravagant products - the technology department is also in possession of a line of Swarovski-encrusted Blackberry, a £300,000 Jean-Michel Jarre 11-foot iPad dock and special-edition Globetrotter camera kits – and even more ridiculous price points. Better get counting those pennies...

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