Flaws Of Star Wars Episode One Lightsaber Battle Exposed

The primary reason why The Phantom menace has been the most antagonised film of the Star Wars saga has been because of Jar Jar.  That is until now, as this video points out how downright ridiculous Darth Maul, Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn look and perform in their final light saber battle.

The video points out some clear flaws, and rather hilarious traits of the characters during this scene, much like when you see a youtube clip of wrestling at its most fake, only more funny.  Waltz steps, aiming nowhere near your enemy, doing some training move in the background while your enemy gets up, moving your lightsaber out the way so that your sith enemy doesn't run into it.

You can be guaranteed that this video alone will ruin what was, essentially, one of the best scenes of the film, minus the pod race...  It's going to be tricky to watch another lightsaber battle again.