New Rising Media Update

As Editor-in-Chief, I have felt a necessary requirement to explain where we have been over the last week.  It's been a rather busy time of inconvenient illnesses, a jaw operation, and preparations for our next big wave of coverage.

After four years of orthodontic treatment, I have undergone reconstructive jaw surgery as of Saturday 24th March.  It was a fascinating procedure using titanium plating in the upper-half of my jaw bone to reform the complete bite which wasn't there previously.  We can write about medical inventions and revolutionary studies into the human body all we want; but to be on the other side is nothing short of inspiring.

Doctor's have recommended that I should be put on bed rest for a total of 14 days; but the usual spell of stories on a daily basis will be returning to New Rising Media over the next two days, and that's a promise to our audience of over 100,000 readers.  We do this for the love of writing about what fascinates us, and the fact that so many of you follow our updates is just further fuel to our cause.

We will not let you down.

Secondly, a brief look into the future of our written content.  As we proactively seek further insight into the sectors that we report about, we've been out and about over the country to grab as many opportunities as possible to provide an unseen perspective on the likes of indie game design, film production, gadget invention, social media platform creation, product design, and many more uniquely individual looks into some of the more overlooked opportunities of really interesting stories.

Finally, you may have already seen that we have moved into video, via our Youtube channel.  The coverage has been a couple months in the works (saving money for our camera rig, recording equipment, planning the particular look and feel, etc).  It's a project that's been moving forward faster than we could anticipate, with interest being felt by many to take part, culminating in our press attendance at the 2012 Gadget Show Live.  With a huge number of companies doing innovative things in the world of technology, gaming and the internet under one roof, we will be presenting the most comprehensive of coverage possible.

Simply put, we have big things approaching for you, our readership.  However small compared to the multi-millions of visitors to news sites within this sector which are further established in terms of time to embed into the community, and more wealthy in respects to outside funding, you have been there with us as we have grown into what we have become today.  We can't thank you enough for your support, and promise you a fantastic future to New Rising Media.