QR Code Condoms Let You Check-in To Show Where You're Getting It On

To those who are experiencing the perilous winters of sexlessness, things are about to get worse.  And to those who feel the urge to socially exclaim their moments of procreation, your prayers have been answered.  A batch of 50,000 condoms have been emblazoned with QR codes on the wrappers, to allow people to check-in anonymously, as a geotagged badge of their sexual activity.

It's a pretty simple process set up by the Planned Parenthood Of The Great Northwest: scan the QR code with your phone to check into the site wheredidyouwearit.com and anonymously let the world know that you're practicing safe sex; but also when and where.  This can also be done via computer; but your hands maybe full at the time of intercourse. Users can also check in to the site by computer...although most maybe slightly sidetracked, or not within the reach of a laptop or desktop computer.

The campaign was originally launched as part of National Condom Week, between Feb. 14 and Feb. 21, and it started in Washington; but as the site crossed 4,500 check-ins recently, with locations varying across the globe (a fair few in UK, you bunch of lay-arounds) it's fair to say that the whole promotion is still very much alive.

While the check-ins remain anonymous, the user can dispense on details as to how it was via set ratings, from "Things can only improve from here" to "Rainbows exploded and mountains trembled."  Alongside this, more specifics on where can be divulged and more specifics on where.  Options include “the great outdoors,” “at a party,” “in the shower,” and “someplace else.”

Like Foursquare for sex.