The 'OnaCon': TechArts 3D's Masturbation Stat-Tracking Gaming Peripheral

The world of videogames isn't averse to adult-orientated games – as our run-down of the best games to 'enjoy' over valentine's day no doubt proved, aroused 8-bit caricatures and all – nor indeed is it of frankly absurd add-on peripherals, such as Nintendo's Vitality Sensor (still yet to see a release) and bowling ball attachment for the Wii. Really. But even so, we struggle to come up with the words to describe what Japanese adult game studio TechArts 3D have come up with.

Simply put, it's a USB controller peripheral, named 'OnaCon', that allows players to put their member into, whereby it is said to be able to keep track of players' total time of masturbation, their 'play' frequency and their “average speed”. What's more, players can reportedly send their personalised statistics straight to social networking accounts, such as Twitter. We still await news on whether the game will featureWhat do's customer-base buy in tandem? Lubricating jelly of course. What else? competitive online leaderboards or in-game achievements.

For sale on Amazon's Japan store for 9,240 Yen (a steal at the equivalent of £71.34), the peripheral seems to come packaged with a 3D sex simulation game, '3D Custom Girl', for consumers to test their new ware on. Presumably, Amazon are including a no returns policy with this one. While it's certainly a niche product at best, we'd wager it's still seeing more 'action' than Sony's PlayStation Move.