GameMaker Challenge #2 At University Of Lincoln


First year Games computing students at the University of Lincoln have been taking part in a series of GameMaker Challenges: setting the objective of making original games based around one central concept.  They've already taken care of 'one button games,' and now it's the turn of the 1980s Atari-esque 'ASCII' character set and graphical output.

With everything from supermarket exploration, tower defence and terminal hacking, all the way to racing, there's a large variety of downright addictive 60-second blasts of gameplay.  And again, this cream of the 'student development community' crop has been made available to download for free.  Here's what's available:


Legend of Ascii by Kieran Hicks

Take control of a mighty warrior and battle your way through hordes of hellish monsters and kill the dragon that killed your father.  You shall have your revenge!



Neon Mage ASCII by Martin Smith

Minding your own business as a rogue mage, your home town is being attacked! Your most powerful spell, the teleport takes 60 seconds to charge, you’ll have to defend yourself against waves of enemy numbers with all you’ve got until it kicks in.



ASCII Blocker by Richard Lannigan

As the head systems analyst, it is your job to protect your base from a sixty seconds wave of enemy virus cells attempting to destroy it. Use blockers and turrets to aid you in your defence, or drop the almighty nuke and wipe out all enemies in range. Protect the system core at all costs to ensure law and order is upheld. Get it done analyst.



Enigma by Ashley Clewes

ENIGMA is a text-based hacking/decoding game, designed to appear like a simple terminal/console application which has been adapted by its creators to allow for a level of competition.



Asciinauts by John McDonagh

The evil Asciinauts have captured the inhabitants of the planet decimalus. It is your mission to kill the 10 evil asciinauts before they get away with their crimes towards the decimals. A retro 60 second fast action shoot em up. Can you save the decimals before it’s too late?



Mind by Laura Buttrick

A minimalist exploration of seasonal affective disorder.



Draw! by James Brown

Draw! The clue’s in the name.



@LAD by Jack Guerrier

@LAD is a cross between a Maze/race/collision style games, allowing the player to manoeuvre around other obstacles to reach a particular point before another object. Plan their path towards the point gaining object!



ASCroller by Jack Broughton

ASCroller is a space scrolling shoot em up with a rewarding level-up system. Take control of the brutish Battleship or control the nimble Yen ship. Collect as many points as possible before time runs out while dodging or destroying asteroids. Players can gain power by collecting objects and use it for special powers.



Rocket Racer by Christopher Dye

In Rocket Racer you have 60 seconds to test your rocket car! Using the arrow keys collect money to increase your score and speed, but watch out for potholes, hitting too many will force you to slow down and decrease your score!



ASCIIPE by Matthew Housley

ASCIIPE is an ASCII themed Dungeon Crawler. The goal is to navigate your character through one of three randomly chosen puzzles, fighting your way past enemies while finding the exit within the given time limit. Every time a puzzle is loaded the room will look different as it is randomly generated.


Source: University of Lincoln Games Research Group