Own The Whole Of Youtube On DVD

Youtube has become one of the primary spaces on the internet for anything on the wide ranging spectrum from visual education to procrastination.  The service has it all, except for an offline counterpart when, God forbid, your internet connection goes down.  Well fear no more kind sir/madam, as on April 1st Youtube has officially announced The Youtube Collection.

Simple. Economical. Convenient.  A whole new way to enjoy the videos you love.

Essentially, it's the whole of Youtube on a vast array of DVDs; but the experience is much more deeply integrated than that.  Delivered to you via 175 Youtube trucks (or Pack Muel if your home isn't so easy to reach), the service comes with the ability to comment on videos and give it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down via the convenient pre-pay postage envelopes and cards.

As the collection is rapidly growing, with hours of video uploaded every minute, a truck will be round to deliver the next batch of new videos every week.  The price for this whole service starts at $59,302, which may sting a little; but if you consider what you're getting (and pick the optional extras like trending videos on laserdisc) you can see just what a worthwhile purchase this is.

Demand is heavy, so don't expect yours until midway through June 2045.  Order right now! Also, April fools.