The rumours of Thom Yorke being the musical mind behind SISI BAKBAK are in high debate over the recent remix of SBTRKT's 'Hold On' on Youtube. 

The musical style is very much similar to Yorke's style: sections of repetition and polyphony, which is Radiohead all over.  The speculation of this artist playing Seattle's Key Arena can only be linked with Radiohead (playing April 9th).

Maybe anonymity was SISI BAKBAK's goal.  If so, it just feels that too much anonymity was present in the original track itself. There is possibly two or three samples present including Sampha's vocals and some minor drum beats, which personally is hardly enough to be classed as a remix, especially if they don't include any of the major hooks from Aaron Jerome's masterpiece 'Hold On'.   

I feel, whoever it is, SISI BAKBAK are just using SBTRKT's strength in their electronic soul style at the moment to boost their new name, so don't be alarmed when you're bored by the 'remix' that bares no resemblance to its far superior predecessor.