Apple And Samsung CEOs Agree To Settlement Talks Over Patent Disputes

The battle which has been fought in the courts between Apple and Samsung may be headed towards it's conclusion in three months time, as Apple's CEO Tim Cook and Choi Gee-Sung of Samsung have agreed to discuss a possible settlement.

US District Judge Lucy Koh has just referred the legal representatives from both companies to a magistrate who will play mediator in the talks, which must happen in 90 days according to the order (PDF).  The talks will involve the two aforementioned CEOs and their general counsel, and if no settlement is agreed to, the path of action is then for each company to submit a cut down version of their arguments.

This all began as Apple hit Samsung with accusations of copying its iPhone design to minute details, which was then countersued by Samsung for violation of 10 patents, and it all turned into quite the intellectual property 'handbags at dawn' confrontation.  Both companies have begun working on streamlining their cases and refining their stance, as to come to these discussions swinging and prepare for if no resolution is made.

Source: Joint Status Report (PDF), Court Order (PDF)