Huge Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens Goes On Sale

Ever heard of a lense that can look behind itself?  With a mind-boggling 220 degree viewing angle, this is what this extremely rare and proposterously large fisheye from Nikon, which has just gone on sale, claims to be able to do.

nikon fisheye.jpg

Originally announced at the 1970 Photokina photography trade show, and strictly built-to-order two years after, this 11.5 pound lense drawves any camera body in the industry with a 6mm f2.8 lense, and a 24x36mm image area.  Something like this is specially purposed for "scientific and industrial" reasons, and has currently gone on sale for the astronomical sum of £100,000.  It's a small price to pay for a lens of this magnitude.

Source: Grays of Westminster

Jason England