Interactive 'Darkroom' Film Hides A Secret That Only Your Camera Can See

A fantastic interactive advert created for the International Federation of Photographic Art has been released, promoting the message of urging people to try the manual settings on their cameras.

So you sit down, watch this video, and realise its kinda boring: A TV screen with static.  But grab your camera, follow the instructions, and you can see so much more.

It requires some rather finite manual controls to pull off properly (but we've had sources say its possible with some of your run-of-the-mill digital cameras and the iPhone 4S).  Set your f-stop to 5.6 and your shutter speed to one second, wait for the guy to sit in front of the static TV, then snap away.  We won't reveal what it is; but if you absolutely must know or don't have a camera capable of this, take a look at this video which gives it all away.

For the rest of you, enjoy.