The Ikea Camera Is Cardboard, Holds 40 Photos and Is Fully Recyclable


Swedish furniture retailer Ikea might be known around the world for its 'blink-and-you'll-get-lost', crazy-big warehouse stores and insistence on flat-pack furniture, but its latest creation is one more suited to holiday snappers than DIY enthusiasts.

That's because the company has devised a well-devised incentive to urge buyers of its products to share images of their (presumably assembled) furniture on the company's website by giving away in-store fully recyclable, eco-friendly digital cameras capable of storing up to 40 photos on its internal storage which can later be transferred to a PC with the help of a snap-out USB connector within the camera.

Created by Swedish designer Jesper Kouthoofd, the camera runs on two AA batteries and is the very latest initiative by the Swedish retailer to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The flat-pack furniture, for one, reduces costs, packaging material and shipping waste through each item's significant size reduction to the final product. While one Ikea superstore in California has been fitted with solar panels, providing the same amount of energy needed for 64 homes in a year.