Lego Back To The Future Coming Soon


Prepare to witness perfection in blocked form, as the official Lego Back To The Future set has now been accepted to the evaluation stage, in preparation to start a limited edition run of these rather glorious models.

This has been part of the Lego Cuusoo project: an crowd-sourced open network where fans submit their own designs for the approval of their peers and, if over 10,000 votes is reached, is sent up to the Danish Company to figure out the details.  Once Lego have built their own versions of the models (to meet their stringent guidelines and standards for construction), and the licensing is figured out with Universal + other major stakeholders in the film franchise, they can then get to work selling them to the people via their online store.

Have to say I'm impressed in the compatability to apply the models to all three films, as the DeLorean and all characters can be modified to cater to each of the trilogy's alterations to the legendary car.  And much like the overwhelming sense of glee felt by many-a-nerd such as myself when seeing the Star Wars models for the first time, it's amazing to see Marty and the Doc in all their Lego glory.

Excitement cannot be contained.

Source: Lego Cuusoo

Jason England