Get Your Twitter Feed Printed On Toilet Paper

The premise could be interpreted as somewhat tacky, along with a name to match up with the crass nature of it all.  Shitter allows you to purchase toilet rolls with your Twitter feeds of choice printed on them, for you to read while you handle your business.

Start-up Collector's Edition have truly put social media where the sun don't shine.

The sum of $35 (£22) gets you 4 toilet rolls that feature a printed version of many different options: your own tweets, favourite tweets, or tweets from other people you follow.  Now expressing your disdain for one's mind-numbing self expression in spouts of 140 characters (in other words, talk crap) can be as simple as unfollowing and wiping your arse with their oddly literal remedy to the metaphorical fecal matter you may see.

Interested? Thought so.  Visit, login with your account and get picking what you'd want printed.