Walking Dead Mad Men. Madison Avenue Meets The Zombie Apocalypse

It's our two favourite shows on TV, combined into what can only be explained as Stirling Cooper Draper Price with zombies.  Barely Political have applied their satirical skills onto creating a cross-breed between Walking Dead and Mad Men: both extremely popular shows on America's AMC network.

Described as 'your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors and the undead handsome ad execs of the 1960s who love to eat them,' Mad Men's ad agency Stirling Cooper Draper Price has been overrun with Zombies.  Don feasts upon the secretarys in the office, Pete Campbell is looked upon with disdain for eating intestines for breakfast, and a hilarious adaptation of one of the best scenes from Mad Men occurs towards the end.  I won't ruin it; but you won't look at Don's emotional pitch for the Carousel in the final episode of season one in quite the same way again.