Intimacy 2.0: The Dress That Turns See-Through When Aroused


The fashion world is one that tends to baffle us for the most part; but that's not to say technology isn't beginning to play a much bigger role in the industry. From 'smart shirts' that can read our heart beat and breathing rate, the integration of OLED flexible screens directly sewn into fabric, or even dresses that conducts its own power based on the movement of its wearer, the era of 'digital clothing' has seemingly only just begun.

It may look far from the most comfortable of fashion statements, but Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde's high-tech garment is far from your typical red carpet ball gown. In fact, it's one of the most unique items of clothing we've ever seen – a dress that “explores the boundaries between humans and technology” and becomes more transparent depending on the heart-rate of its wearer. We suspect men had something to do with its creation...

Designed by Studio Roosegaarde – describing itself as a “trendsetter in the innovative movement Dutch Digital Design” on its website - the see-through dress is a part of a project named 'Intimacy' that explores the “relation between intimacy and technology” and is made up of opaque smart e-foils that at first appear relatively conservative (as much a scantily-clad model can be, anyway) but wanders into more risqué territory based on close and personal encounters with people. As Studio Roosegaarde's description of the projects' fabrications aptly puts it, “social interaction determine the garments' level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.”

The team behind the dress is currently looking for haute couture (the creation of custom-fitted clothing, to you and I) designers to develop the next Intimacy fashion line for both men and women. We dare anybody to wear only such clothing on a night out on the town - let the awkwardness commence!