Man Creates DIY Tesla Gun. Promises It's Just Art

Self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' Rob Flickenger has brought the Tesla coil of the steam punk era into rifle form, creating an awe-inspiring lightning gun.

Essentially, this is a portable spark gap Tesla coil, which is being powered by an 18V drill battery.  100,000 volts of electricity are produced via 8 to 24 inches of lightning when fired.  And just look at that steampunk contraption..  It's got equal parts of function and form to terrify anyone who steps within range of the business end of this!

While Flickenger remains adamant that this is just a work of art, we can't help but think back to the likes of graphic novel The Five Fists of Science and video game Metal Gear Solid 2, and pray it just remains 'art.'  The gun itself was constructed out of a nerf gun cast in aluminium to make the body, a high-voltage switch made from custom porcelain, and a series of coils covered with an aluminium toroid.

Source: Rob Flickenger